Fiamma F45 S Awning - Motorhome Awning - Polar White Case

Fiamma F45 S Awning - Motorhome Awning - Polar White Case
Large shaded area for your motorhome F45 S optional front and side walls The only awning with 2 lead bar profiles More advanced than ever before Fiamma F45 S awning with sturdy aluminium case Deluxe Grey and Blue Ocean canopy fabric Fiamma F45S looks great too! Automatic winding with right hand winch Fiamma F45 S awning box dimensions
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Fiamma F45S Awning - The Latest Innovative and Compact Motorhome Awning from Fiamma

The Fiamma F45S awning is the latest generation of Fiamma F45 awning and is by far, Europe's most popular motorhome box awning. The F45S case is made from extra strong extruded aluminium, which makes it very light and resistant to the elements. The external paint is of automotive quality and is available in Polar White, Titanium and now Deep Black (F45S 260 only) finishes. The latest design is more compact than ever before and supports the full array of Fiamma motorhome accessories now available.

Primarily the F45S is designed for wall installation and the awning is supplied with a Wall Adapter kit as standard. There is however, a comprehensive range of special Adapter Kits available from AgentFiamma that permit the Fiamma F45S to be installed to almost all minivans, camper vans, motorhomes and even some touring caravans. There are many commercial and leisure related applications for the Fiamma F45S, making it a highly versatile awning canopy.

New innovations in design enable the Fiamma F45S to make full use of a new generation of Fiamma awning accessories, with guides built into the arms to allow the hiding of Fiamma LED lighting cabling and similar guides incoporated in to the leading edge, to allow the use of optional Fiamma awning accessories such as, the Fiamma Privacy Room, Fiamma Awning Hangers and Fiamma Blocker Pro.

Fiamma F45S Canopy Fabric

The Fiamma F45S canopy fabric is multi-layered, washable, ultra-resistant, flame retardant and is patterned on both sides. The light reflective properties of the canopy keep it cool in warmer climates and make it resistant to fading caused by UV sunlight. The seemless construction of the canopy increases performance and gives it greater resistance to tears caused by sudden winds. Packing away the Fiamma F45S awning when wet is no problem, as the canopy is rot-proof (air out as soon as possible). The F45S canopy is finished in attractive Deluxe Grey and Blue Ocean.

Fiamma F45S Awning Major benefits

100% automatic, very sturdy and easy and safe to operate. Silent when opening and closing and while travelling. Easy to hook the winch eye using the Crank Handle supplied. Large canopy surface offering maximum shade. A fitted regulation system for the smooth closure of the front lead bar and a self-locking security mechanism called Auto-Lock and Dual Security system to indicate the correct closure of the front bar.

Fiamma F45S Awning Standard Kit

Presto Fix - Reinforced arms with twin cable - Extra Strong Arms from F45 S 300 - Dual Shock Absorber - Auto-Lock - Dual Security - Folding Crank handle - AS Brackets - Hooks to secure legs to the ground - Wall brackets for leg support to the motorhome - Tension Rafter delivered as standard in awnings upwards of 400 cm.

How to Order

Unfortunately Fiamma do not produce a Size Guide that confirms the size of awning required for your motorhome. This means it is up to you to work out the correct size or range of sizes for your motorhome. Of course you're not alone, we at Agentfiamma are here to offer as much advise as we possibly can. Remember if you need help you can call Agentfiamma for assisatance on 0161-902-3025.

Once you know which awning length is required, all you need do is choose your canopy finish. Orders placed before 12:30 pm are usually delivered the following working day (please bare this in mind when comparing competitor prices). Use the drop-down (prices displayed) list at the top of the page to select the size and colour of your choosing then, simply select the quantity and hit the 'BUY' button.


Fiamma F45 S Awning with Polar White Case - Models at a glance

Model Awning Length Canopy Length Projection Net Weight
F45 S 190 185 cm 169 cm 104 cm 13 kg
F45 S 230 231 cm 214 cm 150 cm 16.5 kg
F45 S 260 263 cm 247 cm 200 cm 19.5 kg
F45 S 300 308 cm 292 cm 250 cm 23 kg
F45 S 350 348 cm 331 cm 250 cm 24 kg
F45 S 400 398 cm 381 cm 250 cm 27 kg
F45 S 450 448 cm 431 cm 250 cm 30 kg


Click to download Fiamma F45S Fitting Instructions

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