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Fiamma Caravanstore Awning

Fiamma Caravanstore Awning
Caravanstore is a rool out caravan awning canopy Roll out canopy Pull awning legs and rafter bars out of roll bar Lower legs to support the front of the canopy Locate ends of awning rafter bar in cups inside caravanstore bag Tension awning rafter bar Your awning it pitched and ready to use strong aluminium awning roll bar Rafters and legs fit inside roller bar so there are no loose parts Wall brackets available Caravanstore is low profile and can be left on the caravan when travelling Royal Blue Canopy Royal Grey Canopy
SKU: 06760-01R
Global Trade Item Number 8004815257927
Manufacturers Part Number 05540C01N
Our price: £289.00 Including VAT @ 20%
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Roll-out Canopy Awning to suit almost any caravan

The Fiamma Caravanstore's clever design means it packs away in to a soft bag which remains in place in the caravan awning channel when it is not in use and even while travelling. Not only does this mean it does not require storage space inside the caravan, but this awning design represents the fastest way to set up a shelter for your caravan.

The awning legs and rafters pack away within the awning roller tube and just need to be pulled out and extended when ready to use. This means the Caravanstore awning can be rolled out in only 45 seconds, and you can have a large Sun Shade or rain shelter completely set up within 2 to 3 minutes.

Fiamma Caravanstore is available in lengths from 190 to 440 so there's a size to suit almost any caravan, and most can be fitted with optional side or front walls. Caravanstore models from 280 upwards also have the option of fitting a complete enclosure.



Easy Installation

Because the Caravanstore fits to the existing awning channel there is no drilling or bolting to the caravan wall, and because it is light weight it is easy to install on to the awning rail. The low weight also means it doesn't negatively effect the handling of the caravan while travelling and does not require huge strength to unroll or pack.

Low Weight

To ensure it is safe to travel with the Caravanstore in place on the awning rail, the Caravanstore bag is fitted with a wall protection kit and the awning is supplied with awning rail stoppers to keep it in place.

Soft Bag

Caravanstore is house in a soft but sturdy bag with self-lubricating zipper and anti-scratch tape to protect the awning fabric. The bags small size makes it unobtrusive and means it requires minimal space for installation.

Double guide

2 channels on the lead bar allowing the installation of a range of optional front panels and awning accessories

Partial Opening

Caravanstore models from size 360 upwards can be partially extended for when you are on a smaller pitch or just require a shelter over your door rather than a fully extended awning.

Internally Housed Legs

The legs and main rafters stow within the awning roller tube and are easy to take out and install as they are hinged and telescopic. This means they cannot fall out of the awning or be left behind when packing.

Roll Either Way

The Fiamma Caravanstore allows you to roll under or over when packing it away so you can do things whichever way you find easiest.

Wall Fixing Kit

Possibility to fix awning legs to the caravan wall so the Caravanstore can easily be set up without pegging on hard-standing pitches.

Central Rafter Fixing

Models from 255 upward are ready to accept optional central Caravanstore Rafter.

Compatibility & Selection

Fiamma Caravanstore fits to the standard awning rail fitted to the vast majority of touring caravans, but can also be fitted to other vehicles with a straight, horizontal awning channel including campervans and minivans.

When selecting your Caravanstore size, measure the length of STRAIGHT, horizontal awning channel on your caravan. This represents the maximum Awning Bag Length you can choose. Compare this to the Awning Bag Length A in the table below to identify the correct model size. Be aware, the awning bag length may be longer than it nominal size (e.g. The Caravanstore 255 has a bag length of 266cm)

To ensure compatibility of the Caravanstore, when installing on a caravan make sure to check for obstructions such as over door lights and marker lights which may impair fitting. The Caravanstore requires 15cm clear wall space below the awning rail for its full length.

If you are considering installing the Caravanstore on a van please check if the awning bag will obstruct opening and closing of doors once fitted.


DescriptionAwning Length
Canopy Length
Shade SurfaceWeight
Caravanstore 190196 cm162 cm180 cm2.9 m26.0 kg
Caravanstore 225236 cm202 cm225 cm4.5 m27.5 kg
Caravanstore 255266 cm232 cm225 cm5.2 m28.5 kg
Caravanstore 280288 cm254 cm225 cm5.7 m29.5 kg
Caravanstore 310318 cm284 cm225 cm6.4 m210.5 kg
Caravanstore 360369 cm334 cm225 cm7.5 m211.5 kg
Caravanstore 410419 cm384 cm225 cm8.6 m212.5 kg
Caravanstore 440449 cm414 cm225 cm9.3 m213.5 kg
Caravanstore XL 280286 cm254 cm250 cm6.4 m210.1 kg
Caravanstore XL 310316 cm284 cm250 cm7.1 m211.2 kg
Caravanstore XL 360366 cm334 cm250 cm8.4 m212.3 kg
Caravanstore XL 410415 cm384 cm250 cm9.6 m213.5 kg
Caravanstore XL 440448 cm414 cm250 cm10.4 m214.6 kg
Caravanstore XL 500497 cm465 cm250 cm11.6 m215.8 kg
Caravanstore XL 550547 cm515 cm250 cm12.9 m216.9 kg


Fiamma Caravanstore Standard Kit

Fiamma Caravanstore XL awnings are delivered with Ground Pegs -- Awning Rail Stoppers -- 2 x Guyline -- Leg Wall Brackets. Rafter Caravanstore XL supplied with 410 and 440. Caravanstore Support Leg supplied with Caravanstore XL 440. 2 x Caravanstore Support Leg supplied with Caravanstore XL 500 & 550.

Structural support and Reinforcement

For additional structural support you can choose from a range of optional Caravan Awning Accessories including Caravanstore Rafters, Caravanstore Support Leg, Tie Down straps and pegs and plates kits.

Panels and Rooms

The Caravanstore can also be fitted with a range of individual front or side panels, or a complete Privacy Room CS Light enclosure.

If you are looking for a complete Caravanstore awning with enclosure, consider the Caravanstore ZIP system. This can be bought as a complete package of a Caravanstore awning with a zip fitted to the edge of the canopy fabric. This allows fitting of the Caravanstore ZIP Privacy Room which is made in more robust vinyl fabric when compared to the clip on Privacy Room CS Light product.


Click to download Fiamma Caravanstore Instructions

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